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What is a Kringle?

Caramel Pecan Kringle

Caramel Pecan Kringle

The Wisconsin Kringle started in Racine Wisconsin and is a Danish pastry. We start by folding the dough over and over in order to create many layers that give it its flaky texture. Next we sheet out the dough and fill it with a special kringle filling that has brown sugar and cinnamon in it along with the desired flavor. Once this is done we fold it and shape it by hand into an oval. After it has been baked and cooled we ice it with our delicious homemade danish icing. Our recipe is a family recipe that comes from Wisconsin (Lisa’s birthplace).


Our flavors include cheese, apricot, cherry, raspberry, apple cinnamon, caramel pecan, cinnamon and many more. We also feature a monthly flavor. Call to see what we have!

We recommend placing an order if you are looking for next day pick up as Kringles sell out fast!

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