Our beautifully decorated tortes are made with only the finest ingredients for your special occasion. Our tortes change seasonally but here are the tortes that we offer all year. Stop in or call to see what seasonal tortes we are offering.

Le Bailie Torte:  A double fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse and enrobed in a rich chocolate ganache.

Cassata Torte: Vanilla cake filled with a delicious creamy cassata filling, iced with whipped cream and garnished with cherries and chocolate curls.

Carrot Cake Torte: Our homemade carrot cake filled and iced with our home-made cream cheese icing.

Chocolate Decadence (Gluten Free): Rich flourless cake layered with chocolate mousse and enrobed in chocolate ganache.

Tiramisu: a golden vanilla cake brushed with espresso, and layered with a mascarpone marsala custard, finished with whipped cream, cocoa, and lady fingers.

Caramel Chocolate Oblivion: Our decadent chocolate cake layered with creamy caramel and caramel mousse, iced with a delicious caramel buttercream. Topped with ganache and accented with milky way pieces.

Key Lime Tarte (Gluten Free): Sweet almond pastry crust filled with a tart key lime filling, garnished with whipped cream and limes.

Turtle Torte: A rich chocolate cake baked in pecans, topped with a layer of creamy caramel and iced with a delicious caramel whipped cream, edged with pecans.