Let us do the work. Whether it’s for a wedding reception, a party, the office, or a sympathy gift our dessert trays are an easy way to get a nice variety of dessert beautifully arranged for you. 

Pick out one of the trays that are featured here or we can help you make a custom tray to fit your event!

1. Brownie and bar trays

  • ¼ sheet Brownie/Bar tray: 12 brownies and bars cut in thirds (36 pieces)
  • ½ sheet Brownie/Bar tray: 24 brownies and bars cut in thirds (72 pieces)

2. Cookie Tray

  • 2 pound cookie tray- serves 25-30 people (80 pieces)
  • 3 pound cookie tray- serves 40-45 people (120 pieces)

3. Fancy Sweet Tray

  • Small tray- serves 15 (40 pieces)
  • Large tray- serves 30 (80 pieces)