**All cupcakes are subject to availability**

Frosted Cranberry (Available in December)- Our signature white cake, filled with cranberry mousse, Iced with a tart and sweet cranberry buttercream and rolled in course sugar

Eggnog Cupcake (Available in December)- Eggnog spice cake, filled with spiced whip cream, iced with eggnog buttercream

Candy Cane Cupcake (Available in December)- Rich chocolate cake, filled with peppermint whipped cream, iced with peppermint buttercream (red and white together swirled to look like a candy cane), edged with candy cane sprinkles

Oh Christmas tree (Available in December)- Red and green Funfetti cake, Iced with green buttercream and decorated to resemble a tree

Lemon snowball cupcake- vanilla cake, filled with lemon, iced with our signature vanilla buttercream and rolled in coconut to look like a snowball

Grasshopper Cupcake-  Rich chocolate cake, filled with chocolate custard whipped cream, iced with mint buttercream, edged with crushed up Oreos, toped with crushed crème de menthe mints

Hot Chocolate- Rich chocolate cake filled with fluff, iced with a creamy rich chocolate Swiss-Miss buttercream, topped with mini marshmallows

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry (available in February)- Strawberry cake with a strawberry mousse filling, iced with a creamy strawberry buttercream, dipped in ganache and edged with strawberry curls

Black Forest (available in February)- Rich chocolate cake, hollowed out and filled with cherry, covered in whipped cream, all topped with chocolate cake and dipped in fudge

Kiss Me Cupcake (available in February)- Funfetti cake, filled with pink buttercream and a hint of cinnamon, iced with pink and red vanilla buttercream

Cookies and cream cupcake- Vanilla and chocolate cake, filled with chocolate custard whipped cream, iced with vanilla buttercream loaded with oreos, topped with an oreo