We offer many tasty treats at Ohlson’s including delicious homemade brownies and bars.  Our brownies are made with melt-in-your-mouth ingredients that are sure to please any chocolate craving. We feature creamy peanut butter brownies, rich double fudge brownies, delectable chewy brownies, and white chocolate brownies. Ice cream has found its perfect mate.

Want a little icing with your brownie? Don’t worry! Our gourmet brownies are for you. We feature our mint ting-a-ling brownie with a mint buttercream, a razz-ma-tazz brownie with our delicious raspberry buttercream, a snickers brownie and a butterfinger brownie. We also rotate flavors seasonally so be sure to check in to see what we have!

Not a big chocolate fan? Or do you want something a little lighter? Our gourmet bars are sure to do the trick! We offer hello dollies, raspberry delite bars, lemon crunch bars, date bars, german cheese squares, brownie cheesecake bars, cherry squares and blondies.